Your Partner for Superior Aircraft Line-Maintenance

At Vortex Aviation, our team of qualified technicians provides exceptional line maintenance services. We have the training and knowledge to keep your aircraft operational when it absolutely must go. We serve various airlines and their partners. We are always in the market for expansion opportunities. Please let us know how we can help you.

A man working on an airplane in the middle of a green circle.

Outstanding Aviation Expertise at Your Disposal

We have diverse industry knowledge and experience that allows us to service aircraft of various makes and models. Our dedicated team is ready to get you safely operating back in the air.

Help That Is Always Available

Vortex Aviation offers 24/7 on-call maintenance and aircraft-on-the-ground (AOG) services. Our technicians are on-site at various locations across the United States, prepared to provide quick service to your aircraft any where it is located.

Let Us Recruit for You

Vortex offers recruiting services to various aircraft manufacturers and service centers. If staffing is an issue for you we offer creative solutions to staff your manpower requirements.