Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Aircraft Maintenance Service

Vortex Aviation aims to become the preferred maintenance partner of clients across North America. With our vast experience you can count on us to ensure your aircraft meets the highest airworthiness standards.

A man standing next to an airplane on the ground.

Born Out of Passion for Aviation

Vortex was founded by industry veterans who were passionate about all things aviation. They came together to serve the aviation community more efficiently on a broader spectrum while still maintaining a level of personability and professionalism.

Our founders soon employed aviation professionals with high standards of integrity, excellence, and determination. These professionals also believed in our company’s vision of superior aircraft maintenance for all.

Today, our team is comprised of experts with experience working on various types of aircraft. For us, aircraft maintenance is not just something we do- it’s who we are.

An Improved Aircraft Maintenance Experience

For almost a decade, we have been raising the standards of excellence for maintaining aircraft. That is why we strive daily to find and implement ways to improve the entire process, whether it's through streamlining or by keeping clients involved.

Safety is Our Top Priority

Getting you, your aircraft, passengers, and cargo safely to their destination is at the center of everything we do at Vortex Aviation. We hold every process we do to the highest standards, giving you peace of mind knowing you can rely on your aircraft.